Cities, Towns, and Municipalities

Sewer Systems Repair Carl Holley Plumbing in Siloam Springs AR
If you are from a City, Town, or Municipality we can help you too. We have experience with re-lining or pipe bursting sewer lines in areas that are difficult or impossible to dig up. Imagine re-lining a pipe that is broken and is difficult or impossible to replace. We have successfully helped many cities, towns and municipalities with this type of repair.

Is re-lining not an option? How about a trenchless method of replacing pipe? Pipe bursting is a trenchless method of replacing buried pipelines such as sewer, water or natural gas pipes, all without the need for a traditional construction trench. All we need are launching and receiving pits to replace the trench needed by conventional pipe lying.

With our camera and video equipment, we can look into your piping systems to see exactly what the problems are and exactly where they are to limit excessive digging. We have vast experience in the wastewater treatment plants of different local cities and towns, so if you have a problem in this area, don’t hesitate to call Roger or Carl at 479-549-5086.

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